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Quilt Ming Vase
by Tiger Lily quits

65" x65" blue & white batik lap quilt made up with a single 40 pc Bali Cracker plus borders. Kits available online & pattern available as download. Border fabrics sold separately.


Ming Vase pattern PDF
by Tiger Lily Quilts

A original Tiger lily Quilts pattern.


Cador Princess Mirah Batiks Birds of Paradise Ming Green greens BP-11 5113
by Cador Textiles

UPC: 690643191212
Manufacturer #: BP-11 5113

Cador Princess Mirah Batiks Bird of Paradise Ming Green shades of green 100% cotton


Sea glass ming vase The End of a Long DaySee more of Liz's original patterns!
Hi there! My name is Liz, owner of Tiger Lily Quilts.  I've been sewing since the age of seven when I took the shears to mom's wedding dress and used the material to make barbie doll clothes. Perhaps that's when my love affair with fabric truly began, because I continued to sew throughout school, making my own clothes and graduation dress. ....